We always participate

We believe in genuine children activities, children should be involved throughout the process of designing and implementing the activities. They are also involved in evaluating our intervention in a democratic, inclusive and transparent way. We believe this is one of the key pillars and prerequisites for the initiative's success. For us, children are not just recipients of services and activities organized by adults. They are full partners and agents of social change.

We are inclusive

Our audience and community is diverse based on sex, legal status, age, political affiliation, disability, etc. We are trying our best to reach children in different communities and delivering our activities without any form of discrimination. We believe in equality, justice and solidarity thus, we don't exclude any one interested in taking part in implementing our activities. The same applies to our audience and support community. 

We are child friendly

Children are usually considered inferior to adults in many societies. We believe we can challenge this inequality by designing child-friendly activities that encourage children to appreciate their childhood and this period of their lives. Our team is trained in dealing with children including children in vulnerable situations. We respect confidentiality and privacy. We don't see adults as essentially superior to children. We are guided by principles of the best interest of the child.

About the Cinema

Gaza Children Cinema is an education community-based initiative found in 2013 by a group of volunteers in Gaza. The idea was inspired by the story of Ahmed when several of us encountered him, just 10 years old at the time, working long hours selling ice cream on one of Gaza’s beaches. Uncharacteristically, we tried to engage him in conversation, to learn why he had to work so hard at such a young age. The encounter with the young Ahmed was in Gaza beach was an opportunity for him to have an informal space to express himself and voice out the hard social and economic realities of Gaza. As a result of that meeting, we started to imagine and explore how those children would have the awareness and conscious if they were raised up in a friendlier non-judgemental environment. The idea of mobile cinema came about that time in spring 2013.

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Gaza Children Cinema

Gaza Children Cinema is a self-funded independent community initiative with no faith or political affiliation. It was iniated by two professionals in Gaza- Palestine in 2013 to provide children in Gaza with spaces for self-expression, entertainment and active participation.


Help us in reaching more children in Gaza through donating to this initiative. In 2016, we crowdfunded this initative by raising 6,000 US dollars. Using this fund we established a partnership with 7 community based organizations through a key non-governmental organization in Gaza (Tamer Institute For Community Education)

Other ways of support

We do appreciate collaboration and feedback and we are open to build on professional experiences in this field. Please don't hesitate to write us for ideas and suggestions to improve the service and extend these spaces. We do appreciate any form of solidarity and support.